Forest services and lumber trade

Almnäs Bruk has been involved in extensive lumber trading in the region for many years. Timber, pulp wood and wood chips are sold directly to the industry; mainly sawmills, paper mills and heating plants.

We plant, thin and clear cut, on behalf of our clients as well as provide some advice and help with nature conservation measures. After the storm Gudrun in 2004 we were in the Växjö area for more than half a year. During the past spring we have planted or mediated over 150,000 forest plants. Since we have our own refrigerated container placed on the farm, we always have fresh plants to offer.

Almnäs own forests amounts to approximately 2000 hectares of productive forest. The forest is divided into seven parcels, the majority of which, approximately 1800 hectares, are linked to the agricultural land and form a significant area that forms a large part of Norra Fågelås parish.

We work with forests of other forest owners as if they were our own:

  • Long-term thinking. All pre-harvest actions are investments in good growth and a good end result.
  • Independence. We are independent of industry interests and have a good network of contacts and a sufficient volume of trade to get really good prices.
  • The touch. We care about the appearance of a forest that we´ve worked in and celebrate the joy of the natural and aesthetical values ​​that the forest gives us.

In other words, we want to do our job in such a manner that we are always welcome to come back.

Are you interested in selling or buying timber?

If you would like to know more about Almnäs forest services or offer your own services as an entrepreneur, please give a call to our forest manager Per.

Forest manager

Per Hulmarker 0703721769,

Simon Bylund 0706854014,