The beating heart of the Farm

For hundreds of years, the cow has been the focus of Almnäs. Thanks to the cows we have an open and varied landscape culture with great biodiversity. The cows form the basis for the ecological cycle where the feed we have grown and comes back to the fields in the form of manure that nourishes the next harvest. That’s also why we are so many people working at Almnäs, 25 people. The cows, the heifers and calves need feeding and care every day, year round. In addition, they need roof over their head during the winter months, which creates a lot of maintenance work.

The result is milk, a living product, which in its natural form is unique to Almnäs. It is our terroir and we use it and only it to make our cheeses.

Our milk production complies with KRAV’s rules for organic milk production. The ambition of organic milk production is that animals should, as far as possible, be able to follow their natural behavior. Therefore, there is a set of rules that we have undertaken to follow, such as feed, pasturing and calf care. After 20 years, it has become a matter of course for us and when the cows are released to the pasture in April, it feels like this is the way it should be.