Almnäs 1 liter

The Almnäs 1 Liter commemorates a special event at Almnäs: on October 21th, 2010 we had a visit from the Duchess and Duke of Västergötland, better known as the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel.

We saw this as a great opportunity to introduce a new cheese, the Almnäs 1 Liter, similar in form to Wrångebäck, but with smaller holes. The Crown Princess and Prince each made a cheese, which we inscribed with their initials. After aging at our storage facilities, we sent the cheese to their home at Haga Castle in Stockholm, the very same place where, in 1936, Almnas cheese was served at a charity event hosted by Crown Princess Sibylla, Crown Princess Victoria’s grandmother.

We named the cheese Almnäs 1 Liter to pay homage to a custom established at the estate many years ago. There used to be a cashier at Almnäs called Miss Sörensen. She did not consider it appropriate for the milking barn staff to handle cash, so she implemented a token system whereby customers bought tokens at the estate office to exchange at the barn for one liter of milk.

Almnäs 1 Liter is a classic Swedish granular, small-holed cheese, but we have added a salt wash to the manufacturing process. It has a tangy fresh, fragrance and the texture is rich and creamy with a slightly tart flavor. It is our newest cheese and always sells out quickly. Because of high demand, we have yet to age this cheese for more than 10 months, however, we think it will be at its best around 8 to 10 months.