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Almnäs has been producing cheese consistently since the 1830s, except for a short break between 1961 and 2008. We have the oldest registered cheese brand in Sweden, “Wrångebäck Sweden,” registered in 1889.

The cheesery is housed in the estate’s old distillery building, which was built in 1770. Over the years, the building has been repurposed many times, for example to store grain and military supplies. During this latest renovation, which took two years, we discovered the remains of an aquavit distillery under the floor. To preserve as much of the building’s heritage as possible, we carefully incorporated evidence of prior usage into the new design and re-used original materials to maintain an authentic aesthetic. Even our hi-tech storage facilities are constructed using old bricks and beams from the farm.

Our top-of-the-line, modern manufacturing equipment comes from Switzerland. The cheese vat is made of copper to improve the structural and sensorial characteristics of the cheese. Our cheese pressing equipment is especially made for Almnäs so we can produce both round and square forms. We can also press the cheese under the surface of the whey, which is necessary for our Wrångebäck cheese.

Our cheese: