Dear Almnäs cheese customer/friend, we would like to invite you to participate in our Almnäs Home Recipe 2019 Contest. If you, or your family, have an excellent, beloved or unique recipe, which contains our cheese, we would be delighted to hear from you.

All you have to do is to send your recipe to or to our facebook page with a picture. Maybe your recipe will be one of the 15, that will participate in the final vote for the Almnäs Home Recipe 2019 Contest and travel around the world with our cheese, for all our customers to try out at home. The 15 finalists will all receive a special gift box and continue to compete for the Almnäs Home Recipe 2019 Trophy.


  • Everyone who wants and is ready to have his or her name written under the recipe is welcome to participate.
  • The recipe should include at least one of our cheese (Wrångebäck, Almnäs Tegel, Almnäs 1Liter, Anno 1225)
  • All recipes will be judged by our jury, whose decision will be final.
  • The contest will evolve in 2 steps:

First (22.03.2019- 14.08.2019) – our jury will select the 15 finalist recipes.

Second (14.08.2019- 10.10.2019)– we will display the 15 best recipes in our Instagram (@almnascheese) and Facebook (Almnäs Bruk) accounts for all our followers to vote upon October 10th.          And on October 11th 2019 we will present the winner.


  • The final 15 recipes will be added to our collection of Almnäs Cheese Recipes and will be used as tips for our customers in the future.
  • By participating you accept that your name as the originator of the recipe may be used by Almnäs Bruk AB in that context.